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Boosting your energy, that is the motto.

Reclaiming your optimum vitality channeling the wisdom of nature and its cycles is what this is all about. I offer selfcare advice to support the modern lifestyle by connecting you with deep energy sources. Tuning into the ebb and flow of vital forces in the natural world. Harmonising with the elements and the seasons of life for maximum vibrancy.


I’m Anne and my personal journey has given me a number of arrows at my bow to support you but I will largely and extensively draw from my passion for Ayurveda, the ancient holistic healthcare practise of India. In Sanskrit it means the science of life and is a complete system for longevity and wellbeing, largely based on an optimal lifestyle for creating health daily.

I have a big vision for what I plan to achieve here, first through the channel of blogging and later on through launching my own Personal Health & Lifestyle Coaching Programme, Boundless Energy.

My aim is to bring my knowledge of Ayurvedic daily self-care practises to tired and overwhelmed professionals and also mothers, as both very much reflect aspects of my own experience and where my inspiration comes from. I’ve done the deed before.

Mothers: I understand their needs and I have a deep respect and love for what motherhood is, what mothers do and the role mothers have in creating healthy communities. Being a mum is the best job in the world, the one that gives me the most delight but also challenges me every day. It’s a sacred contract but you need the correct equipment to take it on. I can help you replenish your energy levels so you can take care of the kids and the ever expanding to-do list. If you’re an over-scheduled mum who lost her mojo, I have something for you.

Professionals: Tired, stressed, overwhelmed, in a high-pressure job, possibly even the wrong one. In short, busy bodies in need of a plan of action to get their bounce back. I’m quite the expert in that arena. I’ve been there and done that. I walked (well… ran) the journey to near burn-out in an ill-suited nerve-racking job in the City of London and managed to get myself back to ease and wellness. Just like you, I was doing all the things I was supposed to, putting the hours in, chasing someone else’s version of success and all the while thinking there must be more to it than that. Despite the glamorous perks, it was exhausting and soul-crushing.

Fast-forward 15+ years and something really had to give. Through following some new leads – a yoga class here, an ayurvedic teacher there – the way started to brighten up. Now I find myself revamping my life around my core values and it feels amazing.

With the blog and later my on-line interactive programme I want to provide help with simple practical lifestyle changes for you to regain deep-rest, stamina and a profound sense of wellness. Boundless Energy will be based on my training in Ayurveda and Yoga to help you recover your vibrant self through subtle changes in your daily routine.

The idea is that if you implement my tips shared on the blog or participate in the much deeper experience of taking my course you will beat fatigue and come out revived & refreshed, feeling a renewed drive for life. Together we will work on improving your internal fire, your sleep, your energy levels, the food choices you make for nourishment & vitality and how to eat for optimal thrive. By listening to biological signals we can realign with the waxing and waning of energies throughout the day and year and reclaim the spring in your pace.

You will learn the basic elemental principles of personal Ayurvedic selfcare through wholesome habit changes and will get all the support you need from me and your community of fellow “students” to put them into practice and stick to them. We are going on a transformative fare to give you more pep, better digestion and wellbeing.

The daily practise of Ayurvedic principles can help you fulfill your potential but it will require commitment so you’ll need to be truly ready to shift. Are you ready?

Join our study group.

If you’re still unsure and would like to learn more about health coaching & my personal journey you could read my post Choosing Health on the blog here. Til the next time…

Stay gold,