Pragmatic and uplifting strategies to reclaim peak energy.

Boundless Energy is an 8-week Wellness programme offering a lifestyle overhaul for optimum vitality.

Anne offers selfcare counselling drawing on her knowledge and study of Ayurveda, Yoga, Breathwork and practises rooted in Earth-based traditions to support the modern lifestyle and connect with deep energy sources.

Through practical daily routines she takes a holistic approach to create wellbeing and maximum vibrancy so your energy levels soar.

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A little background about my journey to Ayurveda and natural healing modalities to create vitality in mind & body.



In other words

“Absolutely loved Boundless Energy Course, did not have a lot of knowledge regarding Ayurveda prior to the course.
Anne guided me beautifully step by step, pointing out intricately how to boost energy and to adjust life style choices in a manageable way.
It was a wonderful authentic journey, gently introducing change with the benefits of nourishment through the day and night.
The new routines i have continued, energy levels have stayed higher and the days are fuller.
Thank you”

Amanda De-Winton Gilbert