One for the mothers of young children


“Baby, where’d you get your body from? Tell me, where’d you get your body from? I got it from my Mama” Will.I.Am

A lot of my friends and readers (friends readers…) are mothers with little people and although there are no two mums alike, no two kids alike and no two families alike some common ground is helpful to flourish as a Mum.


The golden rule. As much as is possible, get some sleep. Evenings are often when we Mums want some adult conversations or me-time and that’s all good and necessary but don’t linger well passed curfew. You can’t be a happy caring Mama without your due rest so take it when you can. Go to bed for 10 o’clock eyes shut especially when feeling taxed and if needs be have a little siesta in the day time when the kids are taking theirs.


You’re not gonna have time like the rest of them so you might as well agree now to take a few minutes here & there to do a mini-version of those activities you used to do before the kids were born.  Meditation is refreshing for the mind if you can even spare a minute to be fully and utterly present. And if motherhood teaches you one thing it is to be present! Dance around the room like nobody’s watching or take a pose, a yoga pose that is. Even better, download a Yoga Nidra deep relaxation tape or record your own shorter version if time is really sparse and whenever you have your 15, 10 or even 5 minutes immerse yourself. Yoga Nidra, the yogic closing relaxation at the end of classes is the deepest rest you could give yourself.


And be good to your digestive system as well as your stress-levels. The simplest trick for eating food that’s easy to digest to support you against stress and overwhelm is to eat your meals from a bowl. Make that a nice looking wooden or ceramic bowl. And eat simple curry-like mushy food. Cooked or roasted vegetables with oils, rice, lentils or beans. Add salt, pepper, turmeric or heating spice and some fresh herbs. Throw some basic flavours together and make a warm pot. In the hot summer days you could make that into a gazpacho (cold soup) dish but a little heat is actually supportive for when you need that extra comfy nourishment to help you through the day.


You’re out to work,  a class or playground with the kids, plan your meals ahead and put a few healthy ingredients in your slow cooker to be ready for when you get back and avoid that mad rush and temperaments flaring when it gets to the kids meal time and you then reach for the back of the cupboard’s less-than-wholesome ready bites – which won’t help anyone because as well as being damaging to their health it will also get the kids wired for hours on end.

5) DINNER AT 6pm, LATEST (ok roughly)

Eating as a family is nourishing for all and since the kids will be hungry early you will benefit from it too, giving your digestive system and consequently other body functions a rest between dinner time and breakfast (breaking the fast).


That word again, but yes don’t multi-task out of a wish to get everyone sweeped up to bed or wherever on time. Do one thing at a time with full intent and full attention (I’m still working on that one but the result of not following my own advice are showing up in ways I don’t want in my life!) Engage in that task alone and do that, and that only. Don’t disperse yourself. If the task is household or less than inspiring, use it as a meditative tool. Follow your kids example.

7) READ FOR INSPIRATION, every day even if just one line before bed. I can’t live without my books so this is one I take for granted but you could do something else you love and find inspiring, even for 1 minute. Make it uplifting and something that talks to your soul. Something that stays in your heart and core  throughout the rest of the day or week.


Add a little colour or whimsy to your outfit and you’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel

What else do you do to support yourself? Let me know in the comments. Always love to hear!


Fertile grounds

imageWhat better time than spring to talk about fertility.

For many years I was in the camp of the seekers, fervently researching information here, there & everywhere. What works, what doesn’t, what were the old wives tales… What could we do to prepare our bodies for conception and when all else failed what could I do to support my body through IVF treatment? I was already very much interested in Ayurveda then but struggled to find anything clear or concise about what Ayurveda had to say about fertility. In fact I really struggled to find anything at all on that subject although I had a deep belief that Ayurveda must have something to say. So I delight in finding the modern Ayurveda chaperons coming out with their pieces now.

I’m a real fan of Adena Rose Bright who is launching The Healing Diet, Fertility Focus – an addition to her signature programme that is focussed on helping women prepare their bodies for a healthy conception. Head on over to tap into her fountain of knowledge:

And this morning I picked up an insightful mail from Shakti Holistic Healing about conception & pregnancy with Ayurveda. Read it here.

Or consult the very thorough and educative Banyan Botanicals’ guide to fertility with Ayurveda only published this week.

From personal experience if you are struggling to get pregnant look at your lifestyle as the first point of correction. The more healthy, wholesome changes you can make the more chances you give yourself to fall pregnant. Go organic, natural, slow down, change your diet, chose appropriate exercise, take measures to lessen your stress, educate yourself about fertility boosting nutrition and lifestyle.

It is also very important you do your own research, get to know your own body well and what your own specific needs are. Get tested, familiarise yourself with all your personal data (learn it inside out) but don’t just take the medics fertility statistics for granted. Know what your body is saying about where you are through those numbers & facts then look for alternatives to improve your odds. There are many, so many. Fertility is the perfect example of a health spot where one size fits all does not work. You must be very very clear on your personal body information then go out and do whatever works for you, follow your intuition too. Only you know what is good for you. Do not take your doctor’s say as gospel on this one. They will work in retrograde from a position of statistics, generic guidelines and clinical publications not from the inner knowledge that only you have about what your body is sensitive to, what your body responds well to and what will make your body (not someone else’s) thrive. No external party can owne this information better than you. Ayurveda is the perfect complement especially since it is based on that very tenant that we are all the same but different and therefore what works for one doesn’t work for someone else.

I’m not trying to romanticise the process either or make it sound easy because it isn’t and success is not a given when faced with fertility challenges, but it is possible.

The “work” includes looking at the physical and, in more cases than not from what I can gather from my own wanderings on the subject, the work includes cleaning up all the other layers of you that need to be in “phase” for conceiving. If you have unresolved issues about parenting, mothering, issues with your own mother, issues about raising a child in an increasingly scary world then address those, now. Any other issues? Have a good look at them. We are complete beings, little ecosystems reliant on all parts of the whole to function at optimum.

Read Inconceivable by Julia Indichova to spur you on.

And if you are already pregnant and looking for real advice on health & wellness check out Ashley Neese’s Conscious Pregnancy Serie. Ashley is another clever Wellbeing expert with inspired posts:

Happy Easter all, go get those eggs!


The lab’s got a logo + Mama love shout out

A photo by London Scout. have a new logo and I’m in love with it!

My deep heartfelt thanks go to the two people who made it happen.

Firstly the vegetarian-cook extraordinaire and very talented Lakshmi from Pure Vegetarian for the original design. The inspiration was pretty much her logo which she’s just replaced with a brand new fabulous creation and she was kind enough to let me use her old drawings as a start-up point. Without having to travel all the way to Finland you can find details for her Pure Vegetarian website in my ever expanding resources page.

Secondly the most enormous thanks go to James Cutler from MintViz for adding his flair, eye for design, creative & technical skills to create a logo for me. He’s been a tremendous help, putting lots of work into it behind the scenes and he’s been truly lovely with it. Please check his site and send him your work

Lorien’s lemony picture is still a favourite and will continue to feature in some of my material and on my social media pages.

Talking about resources I take the opportunity to also mention that I have added a Parenting section to my Resources page with already some very useful and inspiring sources with more to come. This page has scope for improvement on the layout front and this is work in progress but the actual references are invaluable so I encourage you to check it out.

Finally, as my work creating an online programme sharing my knowledge of Ayurvedic self-care practises continues it has become clearer to me that I want to work not only with professionals who share a similar experience to mine but that I have a deep desire to work with mothers also. So that’s exactly what I will do. I’ve revamped my home page a little to make that message clear and to start holding space for all the Mama’s out there.

Check out the website and let me know what you think of the logo?